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Welcome to Save A Child International

African Children’s Charity in Atlanta, Georgia

Children are a blessing. They are innately endowed with immense potential. However, especially in developing nations, many of them, especially those in developing nations, do not experience the lives that they should be living including even basic needs like access to quality health care. We are committed to helping as many children as possible live up to their full potential. Support our children’s charitable organization in Atlanta, Georgia today.

Our Programs

Children in developing countries often lack the basic needs – most especially medical care. They are sick, homeless, even abused, and exploited. We facilitate different programs that will address the different issues that they may be facing in their communities.


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To see not a single child suffering from the effects of poverty, abuse, or exploitation by giving them all the help that they need with all the resources that we can provide. [ About Us ]

Our Board Members

Francis Emmanuel
Francis Emmanuel with cleft palate

Save A Child International is dedicated to making a difference in African children's lives, just like Francis, who we are bringing over for the treatment of his cleft palate. We want to give more children the opportunity to receive world-class health care so that they can live better lives. Help us today by supporting our advocacy or by making a donation.

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