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4 Amazing Benefits of Becoming a Host Family

4 Amazing Benefits of Becoming a Host Family

Due to a lack of healthcare facilities, many children in Africa don’t get what they need. As a leading children’s charitable organization in Atlanta, Georgia, we bring disadvantaged children and one accompanying parent over to the United States so that they can get the world-class treatment they deserve.

Why Become a Host Family?

Once here in the U.S., we match these children with a host family.

Being a host family with Save A Child International means that you welcome a child and one accompanying parent from Africa to your home. These families come to the U.S. to get the care and treatment that they require.

Are you considering becoming a host family? Here are some of its benefits:

  1. Making Dreams Come True

    Coming over to the U.S. to get the treatment that their child needs is a dream come true for many parents. By becoming a host family, you can provide them with the accommodations and logistic support they need when they come over here for their child’s treatment.

  2. Growing Your Family

    One wonderful benefit of hosting is that you can add new special people to your family. The bonds that you form by inviting a child and their parent into your home and supporting them throughout their stay will last a lifetime, as will the memories that you create.

  3. Unique Experiences

    Hosting is unlike anything else you will ever do in your life. It is a unique and enriching experience. As the host, you will benefit doubly. First, by feeling good that you are helping a child get the treatment that they need, and second, by exposing yourself to another culture and the joy of being able to welcome new people to your family.

  4. Lifelong Friendships

    After the visit has come to an end, many hosts and families stay in touch. Some hosts want to stay updated about the child’s condition once they go back to their own home. There are even some hosts who travel to visit the child in their country where they continue to bond and strengthen their relationship. Families are welcome back for revisits which can further deepen the friendship. also

Final Thoughts

Hosting is an amazing way to help a child from another part of the world, but it also brings many benefits for you as the host family. While you may first consider hosting as a way to help disadvantaged children and families, you may be surprised by how the experience will enrich your life as well.

Hosting is just one way to make a charitable donation in Georgia. For other ways to help, contact us.

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