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Author Archives: Louise Savoie

Comforting a Child in Chemotherapy: A Guide for Parents

The National Cancer Institute defines chemotherapy as a form of treatment for any type of cancer. Whether the patient is a child or adult, a particular chemotherapy is prescribed by their doctor as they see fit for the specific cancer. However, chemotherapy can also give certain disadvantages to the patient. Not only will it destroy … Continue reading

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Heart Disease: How We Strengthen Family Support

When your child is diagnosed with a heart ailment, you may feel broken by the news. No parent would take delight in learning about their child’s plight. However, these conditions still occur. To parents whose children acquire these ailments, gathering support and help is as crucial as their actual treatment and recovery. Our children’s charitable … Continue reading

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Caring for a Child with Cancer: Tips for Parents

Nothing delights parents more than knowing that their babies and children are in a healthy condition. There’s an immeasurable amount of peace of mind when parents know that if ever their children get sick, they will be given quality health care immediately. That is a great blessing indeed that we experience here in the US. … Continue reading

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Parent’s Guide to Congenital Heart Disease in Children

Heart defect? In my baby? Sadly, it can happen. Congenital heart disease is the medical term referring to a problematic structure of a child’s heart, which they already have the moment they were born. While some of these defects don’t need treatment, there are those that are very complicated and requires several stages of surgery … Continue reading

Chronic Kidney Disease in Children and How We Can Help

Kidney disease can affect children in different ways, ranging from treatable disorders without long-term health consequences to serious, life-threatening conditions. For instance, acute kidney disease develops abruptly and lasts a short time – it may go away completely once the underlying cause has been treated or it may turn into a serious condition. On the … Continue reading

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The Battle Against Sickle Cell Disease: Our Commitment

At Save A Child International, we believe that individuals with sickle cell disease have the right to quality care and support. We do not discriminate between the different types of sickle cell disorders and we serve all patients with sickle cell disease and their families. We have a dedicated network of volunteers who play a … Continue reading