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Caring for a Child with Cancer: Tips for Parents

Caring for a Child with Cancer: Tips for Parents

Nothing delights parents more than knowing that their babies and children are in a healthy condition. There’s an immeasurable amount of peace of mind when parents know that if ever their children get sick, they will be given quality health care immediately. That is a great blessing indeed that we experience here in the US.

However, in other places such as in Africa, parents don’t have this kind of easy and quality access to health care. Add to that, there are also many different childhood illnesses, such as cancer, that can shorten their life span. In countries such as Kenya, the fight against childhood cancer continues. In an academic review posted at The Conversation, incidences of childhood cancer in many different countries continue, with lymphoma as the most common.

The American Cancer Society discloses that there’s an important difference between an adult and a child’s cancer. The adults usually acquire their cancer from lifestyle habits and the environment, with risks increasing due to their genes. Meanwhile, the causes of a child’s cancer are not easily known. And the effects on the family members when their child acquires cancer is especially heartbreaking and life-changing.

As a children’s charitable organization in Atlanta, Georgia, we advocate for the support and treatment of African children diagnosed with childhood cancer. Because of this, we hope parents can be empowered in caring for their children with the following tips:

  • Encourage your child to really express what they are feeling about their condition.
  • Talk to the child about their condition and explain what’s going on to them in a way that’s appropriate for their age.
  • Remember to maintain some of the child’s routines to give them a sense of familiarity.
  • Encourage the child to connect with their friends or care providers during their treatment.
  • Make sure that you can still spend time with the other children.
  • Seek help and support from your circle of family and friends.

At Save A Child International, we invite you to make a charitable donation in Georgia for the programs and services we provide for these African children. Among the assistance we provide is bringing the child (accompanied by one parent) here in the US and have them undergo checkup. We also look for volunteers who can host them and drive them around while they stay here in the country. We also work together to raise funds for the treatment of these children with childhood cancer.

Why are we reaching out to children with cancer in Africa? According to the World Health Organization, there has been a slow progress of cancer prevention in many sub-Saharan African countries due to the lack of basic cancer services. For this reason, we’re doing our part as one of the african children’s charities in Georgia to open ways for these children to receive treatment and health care abroad.

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