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doctor checking up the little boy

We always document the activities we conduct to share lasting memories with you. Browse through Save A Child International’s photos and videos below.

Cleft palate is one of the common birth defects wherein the roof of the baby’s mouth doesn’t completely close as they develop inside their mom’s womb. The cleft palate may not show any difference to the facial appearance, but it can result in feeding difficulty and other health complications. Having a cleft palate can be disheartening but cutting-edge technology is now available to restore these conditions into a normally functioning mouth with lesser visible scarring.

Cleft palate has been tormenting the boy featured in this photo, who will also be celebrating his 9th birthday on February 22nd. Behind his innocent and amiable smile is the struggle of being fed well which has already resulted in frequent episodes of lung infections as the foods he eat are aspirated into his lungs. When this is not treated very soon, his immediate future may be put at stake as he won’t be able to go to school regularly due to frequent treatments.

Our team at Save a Child International is helping him get surgery and treatment here in the US. Since his mother has already passed away, his father will be accompanying him throughout the process. This surgery is going to make a huge and bright difference not just on his health but also on his future.

Help us brighten this child’s future. Donate and volunteer with us for his restoration surgery. Let it also be your birthday gift to him so he can have his brand new year. Contact us for any help you would like to extend!