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Childhood Cancer in Africa: How You Can Help the Fight Against Childhood Cancer


Cancer can affect children across the world; however, it is estimated that approximately 90% of children with cancer live in developing countries. In developing countries where healthcare access is limited, childhood cancer survival rates are as low as 10%. While HIV/AIDS infections among children remain a top health priority in sub-Saharan Africa, childhood cancer is emerging as one of the top reasons of childhood mortality and morbidity on the African continent.

For Save A Child International, a children’s charitable organization in Atlanta, Georgia, treatment of childhood cancer in Africa is of growing concern.

In Africa, the most common forms of childhood cancer are lymphomas, leukemia, and tumors of the central nervous system. Also, since there is a high prevalence of childhood HIV/AIDS in African countries, AIDS-related cancers such as Kaposi’s sarcoma are common. In African countries where malaria infection is prevalent, Burkitt’s lymphoma is the predominant childhood cancer.

Childhood cancer in Africa is difficult to treat since it remains a largely unknown disease and most patients only reach out to physicians when it is too late. The lack of appropriate healthcare resources and facilities makes it even more challenging. In fact, in 2016, over 20 African countries didn’t have any facilities with a working radiotherapy machine – one of the most common equipment used for cancer treatment.

As a concerned African Children’s Charity in Georgia, we advocate for the needs of children with cancer. With the help of our strategic healthcare partners, volunteers, and staff, we bring children with cancer over to the United States for treatment. Along with one accompanying parent, we give these children a chance to receive the care and treatment that they need and deserve.

Join the Fight Against Childhood Cancer

When you volunteer, donate, or sponsor a child in need, you become part of a powerful movement to end childhood cancer. No matter how small or large your donation is, you can contribute to the care provided to children with cancer. You can also contribute to research that has the potential to save more children’s lives.

The actions that you take today can help a child with cancer tomorrow.

If you are looking for a charitable donation in Georgia whose sole purpose it is to help African children with cancer, reach out to us today!

Join the fight against childhood cancer.

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