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Comforting a Child in Chemotherapy: A Guide for Parents

Comforting a Child in Chemotherapy: A Guide for Parents

The National Cancer Institute defines chemotherapy as a form of treatment for any type of cancer. Whether the patient is a child or adult, a particular chemotherapy is prescribed by their doctor as they see fit for the specific cancer. However, chemotherapy can also give certain disadvantages to the patient. Not only will it destroy cancer cells it can also destroy healthy cells. Hence, the patient receiving chemotherapy treatment may go through physical discomfort or physiological changes as forms of side effects.

For children who are receiving chemotherapy, the suffering can be a greater deal. Children who experience growing pains tend to have a decrease in their pain tolerance. Certain cancers are very painful for children, and when these episodes come, parents can also be doubly heartbroken.

This is a reality we hope to provide intervention in as a children’s charitable organization in Atlanta, Georgia. In many nations, including Africa, the access to quality health care is not as close as to what we have in the USA. Because of this, physically painful consequences of cancer can be more torturing to both parents and their child.

If you have a child diagnosed with cancer and is undergoing, or about to undergo, chemotherapy, here are comforting tips we would like to share:

  • Let them know what to expect

    Avoid sugar-coating your child’s experience so that they will anticipate an opposite instance. Instead, tell them how it can be painful but assure them of your presence and unwavering support.

  • Get them their favorite item at home, whether it’s a teddy bear or their favorite blanket

    These items can give an emotional boost when they’re in great discomfort.

  • Maintain a schedule that you can follow

    When your child is following through a routine, they will have a sense of security and program because they will know what they’re going to do next. Their routines can also serve as good distractions.

  • Seek for help

    Our African children’s charities in Georgia, for instance, are designed to provide much-needed support for African children with cancer. We bring them to the US to get treatment and proper care. Along with one parent, they will be assisted by our kind and generous volunteers. Don’t hesitate to seek for these kinds of help because we’re here for you.

  • Listen to soothing songs

    According to this study, music therapy helps provide comfort to a cancer patient when they are struggling with the side effects of treatment. They can feel relaxed and rested, which enables them to live a quality life even with their condition.

At our organization, Save A Child International, we also open doors for children with cancer to receive a charitable donation in Georgia. This way, their treatment expenses can be covered along with their temporary stay in the country.

Because of this, we knock on your kind hearts to join us in our advocacy. Join us in changing the future of these children—changing their future for the better.

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