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For Parents: How to Balance Studies and Serious Disease

For Parents: How to Balance Studies and Serious Disease

Are you a parent of a child who has been diagnosed with a serious or chronic illness? Whether this is you or someone you know, this knowledge can be very overwhelming. This is a struggle we consistently see as we meet our advocacy in being a children’s charitable organization in Atlanta, Georgia.

For many years now, we’ve been reaching out to African children diagnosed with very serious diseases, and we do our part in helping them gain access to quality treatments and health care, something which is not easily accessible in their location. We bring them to the USA with one parent as a companion. We know that their healing and recovery can bring positive changes to their lives back in their home country.

Hence, we understand how parents can feel emotionally devastated upon learning about their child’s serious illness. However, it’s important to remember that while their treatments are ever in our priority concerns, their education also matters. Whenever possible, open opportunities for your child to continue with their studies despite their diagnosis. Here are helpful tips for you to make it happen:

  • Set a Plan
    With this, you may need to closely coordinate with your child’s physician and discuss the possibility of going to school with their condition. You need to know how long is the child needed for treatments, how these interventions can affect their learning progress, and if ever they can possibly study in short-term considerations. Here in the US, we have the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) to possibly provide the legal basis on your child’s educational needs. You might want to explore this provision to back up your child’s educational right.
  • Find Hospital Support
    In cases when a child is going through long-term treatments, such as chemotherapy, the complications may limit their time to go to school. However, some hospitals provide hospital-based educational support, wherein sick children are either educated on their bedside or in a designated classroom in the hospital. You might want to consider this as another option when it comes to your child’s studies.
  • Maintain Connections
    As one of the African children’s charities in Georgia, we acknowledge how staying connected with our support circle can help us navigate through a health condition courageously. For parents with sick children, staying connected with your child’s former teachers and fellow parents of their classmates can empower you to stay motivated in preserving your child’s education. This connection can also boost your child’s confidence when they feel assured that they are still accepted and loved.

Regardless of your present struggle in balancing your child’s studies and serious diseases, know that you’re not alone. At Save A Child International, we support your endeavors to pursue the quality life of your child. For this same reason, we continue to seek for a charitable donation in Georgia so we can also make this privilege possible for other African parents with seriously sick children.

If you’d like to join this advocacy, contact us today.

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