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Heart Disease: How We Strengthen Family Support

Heart Disease: How We Strengthen Family Support

When your child is diagnosed with a heart ailment, you may feel broken by the news. No parent would take delight in learning about their child’s plight. However, these conditions still occur. To parents whose children acquire these ailments, gathering support and help is as crucial as their actual treatment and recovery.

Our children’s charitable organization in Atlanta, Georgia recognizes this great struggle for parents who lack the much-needed support in getting their child to be treated. In African countries, for instance, where quality health care is not as easily accessible as it is here, heart diseases have affected approximately 20 million persons, the World Health Organization says. In addition, most of the patients receiving the more serious consequence of the illness belong to the low-income threshold.

In this, we encourage parents to form and strengthen their base of support when their child is diagnosed with any heart ailment. The support can begin from their own families, but will, of course, have to expand to the resources available around them. As one of the African children’s charities in Georgia, we also step in to help strengthen this support base of parents whose little ones are diagnosed with congenital heart issues.

Here are the ways we assist African parents in getting the support they need for their child’s treatment:

  • Gathering Volunteers
    To provide access to quality health care and treatment to these affected children, we bring them to the USA where they will be accompanied by one parent. As visitors in the country, they will need temporary shelter and transportation as well as some cheers. We work with volunteers to take charge of these activities to ensure that the child and their parent are in excellent mental and emotional health. Excellent mental health is a great contribution to overall recovery.
  • Medical Support
    We also usher and refer the child to reputable medical professionals who can check them up and administer the appropriate treatment. Our medical experts are volunteers who are willing to extend their expertise to alleviate another person’s suffering.
  • Financial Support
    Since finances are key elements in administering treatments, we also facilitate donation-based assistance from people who have kind hearts. No amount is too great for as long as it is given with compassion, love, and joy. We know that the treatments these children receive can go a long way in the life changes they experience upon recovery. This means that they will have a better future ahead of them once they get better.

To make your personal charitable donation in Georgia, we encourage you to contact us at Save A Child International so you will know further information on how you can share. You can also find more ways to join us in expanding this advocacy, so that, with more hands working together, there will also be more children who can be given aide.

If your heart is touched to volunteer, donate, or share this advocacy with your own circle, we encourage you to do so.

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