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The Battle Against Sickle Cell Disease: Our Commitment

At Save A Child International, we believe that individuals with sickle cell disease have the right to quality care and support. We do not discriminate between the different types of sickle cell disorders and we serve all patients with sickle cell disease and their families. We have a dedicated network of volunteers who play a … Continue reading

5 Must-Have Qualities of a SAC-INTL Volunteer

Volunteers are an integral part of Save A Child International. After all, we rely on our volunteers to provide accommodation and logistics support for children and one accompanying parent when they come over for treatment here in the United States. Aside from providing accommodation and logistics support, our volunteers also provide other valuable services – … Continue reading

Becoming a Volunteer: Help the Fight against Childhood Cancer

Those who have dealt with cancer firsthand often want to help others affected by it. Whether you are a cancer survivor or if you care for someone with cancer, you have significant experience that can help others. At Save A Child International, we endeavor to bring children with cancer and one accompanying parent over to … Continue reading