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5 Tips to Become a Great Host Family

At Save A Child International, a reputable children’s charitable organization in Atlanta, Georgia, we help sick, underprivileged children and families from Sub-Saharan Africa. We do this by bringing them over to the United States so that they can get the care and treatment they need. Once here in the U.S., we set them up with … Continue reading

For Parents: How to Balance Studies and Serious Disease

Are you a parent of a child who has been diagnosed with a serious or chronic illness? Whether this is you or someone you know, this knowledge can be very overwhelming. This is a struggle we consistently see as we meet our advocacy in being a children’s charitable organization in Atlanta, Georgia. For many years … Continue reading

Tips to Support Fellow Parents Whose Child Is Sick

From one parent to another, the diagnosis of a child’s sickness is very heartbreaking. While the intensity of the heartbreak is unique for each, still the feeling of helplessness and desire to help in whatever way prevails in a tug-of-war fashion. As a children’s charitable organization in Atlanta, Georgia, we feel this struggle upon hearing … Continue reading

Comforting a Child in Chemotherapy: A Guide for Parents

The National Cancer Institute defines chemotherapy as a form of treatment for any type of cancer. Whether the patient is a child or adult, a particular chemotherapy is prescribed by their doctor as they see fit for the specific cancer. However, chemotherapy can also give certain disadvantages to the patient. Not only will it destroy … Continue reading