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Tips: How to Improve Your Child’s Eating Habits


When it comes to your child’s nutrition, we know that you don’t compromise anything, right, parents? You also know that their nutrition is as good as the food they eat. However, kids can just be so picky with their food that you might have a hard time deciding on what they should eat for the day. So we have compiled these tips that can help improve your kid’s eating habits.

  • Eat together

    Eating together provides you with more opportunity to see what your kid is munching on. This also provides a bonding time for you both so that they will have a good time with every meal. By dining together, they can also see you eating the right kinds of food, and they will be influenced to do so.

  • Plan meals together

    Kids love to take part in anything. When they know they have a part in the meal you’re preparing, they will be encouraged to eat. You can try asking their input about what they want to eat. Preparing their favorite and recommended foods can inspire them to eat some more.

  • Use healthy ingredients

    Healthy meals, of course, start with healthy ingredients. Make sure that the foods you’re preparing every time are always mixed with healthy elements. As much as possible, mix in some vegetables and serve fruits as well.

  • Choose healthy oils

    Sometimes, you also got to opt for fried foods. Whenever you need to serve foods with oil, choose the ones from vegetables or plants, such as olive, canola, or corn, among others.

  • Limit sugar

    Sweets can be easily accumulated in your child’s body. Limit them especially with the drinks. Drink water instead or if you must drink fruit juices, serve them 100% from fruit.

  • Regulate sodium

    Too much salty foods are not healthy for your family’s heart and kidneys. Limit your salt in your cooking. In addition, watch out the packaged foods you’re serving and see how much salt it contains. For flavoring your meals, use spices and herbs instead.

Preparing healthy meals for their family is a luxury that not all parents can do. In some other parts of the world, such as in sub-Saharan Africa, many kids get sick due to lack of proper nutrition and access to healthcare. For this reason, our team at Save A Child International is doing our best to provide interventions. As a Children’s Charitable Organization in Atlanta, Georgia, we’re working on projects that not only help raise awareness to their plight but also generate on practical means to aid their healthcare needs whenever possible.

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